Trev Burgess

D.O.P. & VFX Post Production Creative

Trev Post Production & GFX

I'm a Director of Photography based in Cardiff. Trained at ITV in the Eighties, I’ve been freelance since 1990. I work with Broadcasters and Corporate clients using a range of HD & 4K equipment.

I specialise in Promos, Commercials, Green Screen for compositing & animation, using a range of skills from location to edit and beyond.

 I also provide Editing, Visual FX & CGi facilities.

I use a range of software depending on the project, including: Avid, Baselight, Fusion, Resolve, Motion, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Poser, FCP, Unreal Engine.

I can follow the production to its finish.

If it all looks like it’s going to get tricky count me in.

Drop me a line & I can help make your ideas happen.

I’ve filmed many promos and commercials over the years, in addition to documentary and dynamic stage shooting

The multitalented Duke Al gets close to nature in our latest collaboration for his new EP.

After filming Deep Purple from Nashville to Toronto, there have been numerous overseas journeys, from Tokyo to Chile for the classic rock band ‘Europe’

Europe Documentary

Checkout Deep Purple From here to Infinity

(Be advised there is some colourful language)

Revolverlites is a brilliant versatile band. This was a promo recording one of their own songs in a recording studio in Bristol UK. The lads should be back on tour soon!


Hopefully the beat will go on again soon.

The Revolverlites banging as usual

Myth of the Kinti Comic series



A mixture of live action and model animation for the music video 'Lonely'

Between lock downs, in 2020, I met up with a poet / rapper Duke Al (Duke Durham). Duke had a clear vision of his upcoming EP and we discussed ways of bringing the track ‘Lonely’ to the screen.

After gallons of coffee, a series of surreal images came to me and I set about planning a journey through Dukes experience of OCD and alcohol addiction.

It was always my aim to create a World that was familiar yet confusing. We had just one afternoon to film green screen elements to playback and the challenge was on.

Over the next few months I toyed with techniques and styles, before settling on a scale model of a pub as the main location. Placing Duke into the scenes proved even trickier than I thought, but when it started to look OK, I realised the quality of the model didn’t cut it… So I scrapped it and started again.

The Canon 5D Mkiii used to shoot time exposed stop frame shots blew up mid shoot, so while it was off for repair, I created a new pub and the other ‘out there’ locations. A landscape of Rubic cubes and fallen beer glasses, a stone well and a ladder emerging from a pint glass were built from foam, card and anything else that came to hand. My favourite setup was an homage to the classic ‘Wizard of Oz’ which worked particularly well. Thanks to Duke’s amazing track, his brilliant performance and patience, I think it turned out pretty well. Although I reckon I learnt more about what not to do!

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