Trev Burgess

D.O.P. & VFX Post Production Creative

Trevs Production diary

My latest project , ‘Lonely ‘, was a challenge on many levels. To test options compositing Duke Durham into a scale model environment, I setup a simple shot using everyday objects and became the model for it.

The shot used Dragonframe animation software and a Kessler 5ft slider. 

Tracking the camera was achieved in Fusion, and the green screen elements of me drinking and trying to look like a streetwise rapper was placed in the 3d scene.

The tracking worked pretty well, although the Kessler Oracle controller is a bit flaky with its precision. In this case, the concept intentionally required a stop frame look, so it was just fine.

The scale of the models required an over one second exposure to achieve enough depth of field.

The example above shows the live view from the Canon 5D Mkiii on the left and the time exposed image on the right. The focus is set to the background chair and you can clearly see how the time exposure creates a similar depth to a real world shot, although I deliberately set it to still be slightly softer, to reinforce the image as a model shot. The intention was never to make it appear realistic.