Trev Burgess

D.O.P. & VFX Post Production Creative


The filming featured the woodland in Dinas Powys and although bitten to pieces by mosquitos, it proved to be a beautiful backdrop for the song.

Duke literally becomes one with nature.

Daydream is the latest collaboration with Duke Al

(AKA Duke Durham), Is an enigmatic song for his new EP.

An adventurous shoot takes him from the real world into his daydreams, the two becoming difficult to discern as time goes by. Filmed in and around Cardiff, it reminded me what a rich variety of locations we have here in Wales. 

A rather challenging shoot and an even more tricky post production process, it was great fun to create something a bit different for such a talented chap.

The advantages of making something so out there, are to stretch your understanding of camera and editing. It definitely  honed my compositing techniques!

The incredible Resolve software gave me more than enough to achieve it, and I think it looks pretty cool.

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