Myth of the Kinti

The Fantasy World of MotK

Myth of the K’inti: Book One

A fantasy comic book series

begins. . .

A Journey of discovery

A race beyond Worlds.

A group of teenagers unwittingly help a mysterious stranger as he seeks his long lost friends.

In two parts, Book One of six introduces Timo and his unusual companions.

From here on, dream states and alternative realities may reveal a deeper truth behind creation.

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Myth of the Kinti

The Background Story

Trev, the author, only started to read comics again after creating "Myth of the K'inti" and researching San Diego comic con in 2016. A lifetime Superman fan he loved the reboot “Earth One”, but now follows so many genres that it’s hard to pin him down. From “Tokyo Ghoul” to “Whisper in the Walls”. His all time favourite is probably “Daytripper”.

Dom, the illustrator’s, biggest & favourite comic influence would be the manga “Vagabond”. Leaning more to Spider-Man, he loved the special features from the first film, which introduced him to famous artists that realised the drawings for Spider-Man comics. As a kid his main comic influence was a Chinese comic called “Tin Ha”. Although he couldn’t read Chinese, he devised his own interpretation of what was happening. “The art for me was absolutely amazing, it blew my mind!”

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Myth of the K'inti is a series of fantasy comic books describing a vast new realm of creation and alternate realities, which reawaken a group of youngsters’ imaginations.

The comic has been a labour of love for myself, originally outlining the concept some twenty five years ago.

Aimed at a younger audience (9 to 99+), I hope to entertain an age group often left in the space between child and adult comics. In creating different realities, We have tried to create new visual styles with each new domain, the artwork evolving with each page turn. 

The sign of the Seventh level descibes the shape of the  mysterious ‘Wuji’ particle. The basis of all existence.

Book one opens with a simple tale of a young group of friends meeting in their local café, overseen by Henry, the patriarchal owner. Part one introduces a strange young boy who fascinates and draws them in with tales of adventure and mystery. The newcomer creates an unsettling atmosphere with his stories and visions, highlighting the unease each teenager has with themselves, their friends and the adult world they have yet to acknowledge.

As part two quickly reveals, the protagonist, Timo, harbours ulterior motives. It is possible that the youngsters’ imaginations are being manipulated and used as a conduit for Timo, enabling him to reach alternate dimensions, through dream states created by his stories.

As we reach the climax of book one, new characters from other realities are revealed and relationships established. Timo leads the reader in another direction, pursuing his adversary and seeking answers. Throughout there are hints of a larger story arc, to be covered by five future books in the series.

I’m the author of the series, as well as a Cinematographer & Director, with over 35 years’ experience in TV and Dom Tsoi is the illustrator. Dom recently graduated from university, beginning a career as a hugely talented artist. We are both based in South Wales, UK

We have grown as a creative partnership over the course of this comic and have begun to expand the characters and their world. We are both passionate about the style and quality of Timo, I believe we have created some great imagery and enough intrigue to encourage the reader to follow us in the series.

Funded totally by myself, I hope to Book One (Parts 1 & 2) gain a following to fund the other stories.

In 2024 the novel Myth of the K’inti will finally be finished and I will actively seek to publish it.  Beginning with the story illustrated in the comic, it will complete the journey of our characters.

My intention has always just been to share my vision of a fascinating new world. It is my hope that it appeals to anyone, young and old, who loves to dream and who also never intends to grow up.

Many thanks for your interest.

Trev Burgess

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