Myth of the Kinti

The Levels of Existance


Awake does the first level beckon the soul

A time when all K’inti absorb their new role


The second a dream taken only by day

A flickering sense of states far away


The border of sleep can drift to the third

where real and all other are twisted and blurred


The fourth is a slumber most deep, twisting minds

A love of all else means escape you will find


The fifth reveals all, spirits welcome you here

though you may loose yourself to the stream I do fear


Prescience gifts a mind which is freed; on the sixth

you are timeless, though don’t tally, take heed


This state is a playground, the seventh you see

long will it not last, to enjoy is the key


Immersion may take you on finding the eighth

for He will await one remained in this state


The ninth is pure darkness for here do not seek

there are few that control it and not those are the meek


It’s an end for the many, the tenth conjuring dread

but the K’inti see home in the stream as it threads

Our World is one level within the Stream.

The Tenth overseas all, controls all, allows all.

Our true Gods are rarely seen Never recognised. 

These Gods are K’inti. Masters of all.

“I see shadows. The study darkens. There is a blue mist. I hear voices, many voices.”

6th day of September the year of our Lord 1620

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