Myth of the Kinti

Behind the Scenes


Inking a page

To create a final comic book page,

planning, rough sketching, layout and drawing needs cleaning and inking.

This is a time-lapse, showing the work involved in the inking stage of the comic.

The K’inti

Introducing the characters from Myth of the K’inti, this stop frame animation short enters a magical theatre, drifting through the World of the Kinti.

One of the first obstacles to creating a comic book, is describing the chaotic imagery floating around in your head. The blank stare from your enthusiastic illustrator is the first time you realise, you have no idea how to realise these thoughts into any kind of coherent communication.

As a cameraman by trade, I grabbed the nearest camera and any props that might help and we were in business. From photographs I moved onto shockingly bad sketches, progressing to 3D graphics and even a VR representation of this fantasy environment and it’s characters.

The most important thing for me was that visually, this is a collaboration, so once the concepts take root, the art should have freedom to create without boundaries.

For Book Two, the Tenth Level in the World of the Kinti is a character in itself. Using Unreal Engine has been an amazing dynamic tool to build the references for this fantasy location. 

Myth of the Kinti

Making of the Shoebox